• Doing it all yourself
  • Blowing your Budget
  • Booking a Venue Before Creating a Guest List
  • Blowing your Fashion Budget Just on the Dress
  • You Fall Victim to Crash Dieting
  • Ordering a smaller dress size based on your wedding weight goal
  • You don’t carve out enough time for Hair and Makeup Trials
  • Forgetting a Phototrial after wearing make-up
  • Assuming that your parents will pay for everything
  • Not Leaving Room for Additional Costs
  • Not following up with vendors few days beofre wedding
  • Not asking for dicounts
  • Not arranging transportation
  • Not Having a Plan B incase of unexpected weather
  • Micro-Managing your vendors
  • You Don’t Feed Your Vendors
  • Choosing suppliers based on the “cheapest quote”
  • Having an open bar
  • Not Allotting Enough Time to Get Ready
  • Not Acknowledging Your Guests
  • Succumbing to Unexpected demands
  • You forget to eat on the Wedding Day!
  • You Forget to Set Parental Boundaries

Most brides experience some conflict with her parents or future in-laws during the planning process. It’s not an easy conversation to have, but the earlier you discuss what’s bothering you – the better it is.

Don't fall prey to these Wedding Mistakes!